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Hi new readers! Emma here. Welcome to the official Cave Glow blog!

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From time-to-time, you’ll see us pop up on here to talk about our studio, processes and our favorite mindfulness and manifestation techniques. We’ll also be stopping by to share our random thoughts, the music that we’re writing & listening to and, of course, we will make sure to give updates on Jake’s bread making journey. Today’s post falls under the ‘mindfulness + other thoughts’ category.

Summer in Gardiner, NY

Summer in Gardiner, NY

A huge part of our ethos at Cave Glow is dedicated to encouraging mindfulness and proactive self-growth. These are the tools that Jake & I use most in our daily lives, and they have helped us tap into our vision and live more meaningfully.

By using these tools, we are able to identify the areas that need growth and create a plan of attack, while simultaneously keeping ourselves grounded and present in the moment while things come to fruition in the background.

So let’s dive in...

Mindfulness is a constant practice, an internal process of discovery.

“Mindfulness is the art of observing your physical, emotional, and mental experiences with deliberate, open, and curious attention. A mindful mental state differs from being lost in thoughts of the past or future or acting on “auto-pilot.” To ‘practice mindfulness’ is to exercise or work on honing this state of mind.” -

— Susan L. Smalley, PhD, Behavior Geneticist, UCLA

Learning to live mindfully doesn’t mean living in a “perfect” world or ignoring reality, but rather, living a full and contented life, focused on gratitude and understanding for yourself and others.

This helps us be less judgmental and more compassionate to ourselves and others, which leads to a more peaceful interaction between ourselves and the world.

      Proactive Self-Development is a recurring moment of reflection + planning.

Checking in with ourselves is a good thing, especially in these times. Taking stock and evaluating the pockets of our lives that we want to leave behind, change, or grow is an incredible tool to use on a regular basis.

Practicing mindfulness allows us to make those connections with more clarity and learn how to stop getting in our own way. By letting go of conditioned habits and thought patterns, the mind makes room for new pathways to form.

Some people take stock daily or weekly, others might check-in every year or even every five years. All of us are different, and we should honor the method that makes sense to us. Visualizing where and who we want to be, from a place of hope and action enables us to be the best version of ourselves in the present.

Summer in the Finger Lakes

Summer in the Finger Lakes

OK so… what does this have to do with candles?

Everything. Lit candles are powerful tools for both setting future intentions AND remaining grounded in-between. We hand-pour each candle with these two intentions in mind and hope that every Cave Glow candle acts as a talisman, or a visual cue, to remind us to touch base with our true selves, to honor our individual path and move forward with calmness and confidence.

Ten years ago, I was a college drop-out working in a cosmetics warehouse. I had moved back to my hometown, was in a dark relationship, and was working 40 hours a week labeling lipsticks and shrink wrapping eyeliners while the people around me sank into drug addiction. Like... DAMN.

My self-worth was low, but this way of thinking helped me overcome a million hurdles to be living & thriving in a better place today.

That’s why the Cave Glow ethos is so important to us, and why we are so laser-focused on holding space for gentle betterment and mindfulness. Thank you for stopping by and joining us on the Cave Glow journey. We hope you light a candle today & take some time be proud of yourself.

Much Love,


Pop Obachan